About Us

Precision Healthcare Center was established in 2003 by Dr. Tejada himself. Our practice name is derived from our deep focus on individualized patient care, including in-depth health histories and careful examinations.

Founded on treating patients with the respect they deserve, we strive to provide straightforward care that is able to address even the most complex of cases. For nearly two decades, we have been dedicated to identifying and correcting each unique problem at hand, and today – we remain committed to helping Aurora and surrounding communities heal and live life to the fullest, once again.

New Hope

No matter your condition or how many times you have been turned away from care, we are on your side. From minor aches and pains to acute injuries, our practice tends to a wide range of ailments. While we are glad to see all patients in need of chiropractic care, we are especially happy to restore hope in otherwise hopeless cases. If you have been suffering for an extended period of time and have been unable to obtain the care you need, Dr. Tejada is equipped to help.

Let us help you find the light at the end of the tunnel!

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Our Mission

Our top priority is fulfilling your needs. We want to help you get better quickly and effectively, ensuring you the healthy future you deserve. Precision Healthcare Center aims to provide each patient with a customized care plan that focuses only on what needs to be done. Whether you are experiencing infrequent headaches, unsolved migraines, or the fallouts of a herniated disc, you have a place in our practice. Your health is important to us. Join a community that has your best interest at heart!


Act Today

Big or small, your condition is worthy of quality care! Our practice is committed to your well-being and will do whatever it takes to get you better and living your life to the fullest. We look forward to hearing from you and addressing any questions or concerns you might have for us. It is never too late to begin care. Act today!